In today’s article, we will be delving into what blockchain gaming, otherwise known as GameFi or DeGaming, entails from both an economical and gameplay-enhancing perspective.

DeGaming’s Rise to Fame

Those knowledgeable in the crypto-space are highly aware of the exponential growth GameFi has seen over the last six months. It now represents the most trending sector in all of cryptocurrency. Many have pondered how GameFi took over the marketplace at such a fast rate, and many more are wondering if it’s truly sustainable. To answer these two questions, we must first understand what GameFi is and what use cases it pragmatically has for its users.

The market capitalization of Gaming worldwide has seen consistent growth over the years, growing 14.5% in as little as a year between 2020–2021. E-sports, however, has seen even further development in both popularity and monetary value.

The Unfortunate Reality of Conventional Gaming

The growth in popularity of ESports largely derives from many people seeking to apply their extensive arsenal of cognitive abilities, gained through expertizing within their game of choice, for obtaining monetary rewards. However, the unfortunate reality is that only a tiny segment of players will be recipients of these inordinately high monetary rewards, as the vast majority of gamers do not contain the skills necessary to combat in these world-class tournaments.

With that said, this injustice to the vast population of dedicated gamers is essentially remedied with GameFi; Here’s how.

The Co-Evolution of Blockchain and Gaming

GameFi provides an opportunity to own, play, and trade your own NFTs, which represent items in the game itself. This means that, rather than one centralized company owning all components of one’s winnings in a game, each player truly owns their character, items, and ultimately, their loot collected over their countless hours of gameplay. Through advanced blockchain technology allowing ownership and tradeability of NFTs between players, an entirely new sector of earning real-world money became available to the masses.

As one could sell their NFTs for USDT, which is pegged to the US dollar, all earnings within GameFi become truly monetized and provide real-world incentive to take part in-game. This also means that earnings are not limited to the most skilled players within the game but are scaled appropriately to the entire player base, where improving your skillset in-game allows you to earn more over time.

The Underlying Crux

While the ingenuity derived from connecting Blockchain technology to conventional gaming provides, for the first time only, a way to make real-world money solely through playing a video game, there is a critical underlying problem: Playability.

Unfortunately, developers of Blockchain Gaming have prioritized the money-making component of their development rather than the actual creation of enticing gameplay. Put another way; they essentially want to replace a 9–5 monotonous conventional job with an equivalently monotonous Blockchain job.

With that said, many DeGames are actively developing games that match the complexity and enjoyment of current AAA games, such as Cryowar becoming the Blockchain derivative of League of Legends.

The Research and Development Necessary For the Future of Gaming

We at DopeWarz have meticulously researched what makes and breaks a game both in the conventional sense and in its ability to maximize profitability for its player base. In reflection of this, we are incredibly proud to bring to you our nearly completed DeGame.

DopeWarz represents all the essential components of a tier 1 DeGame within the Crypto-space. We prioritized a ‘skill-to-earn’ model, where one needs to learn the intricacies behind our gameplay to earn handsomely within our world. By doing this, we concentrate the earnings towards those willing to better themselves in-game. Therefore, we can provide monetary rewards considerably higher than any other competitors currently in the GameFi space.

Our ‘skill-to-earn’ model should not be mistaken as a clone of the eSports reward model, where most of the monetary reward is distributed to the top few players. Rather a logical scale where incremental improvements in-game lead to incremental rises in monetary rewards. Put simply; everyone has the opportunity to make money within the DopeWarz metaverse. Still, those willing to learn from their mistakes and think actively about their decisions will earn proportionally more throughout their adventure!

Gang Rivalry is Upon the Horizon

DopeWarz is a world where you can build your drug empire, strategically collaborate or compete with nearby gangs, and test your black-market entrepreneurship, all without the repercussions of doing such in real life! This ultimately means there is no risk of jail time, but there is very real potential to accrue appreciable amounts of doe within this expansive world! To learn more of the intricacies dictating our MMO game, look at our article here.

To get an in-depth explanation of all components of our game, check out our whitepaper.

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